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Forge magazine on the blue economy boom

Forge magazine, which focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation, has published a special feature on the economics and sustainability of oceans. Publisher David Haratsis believes that no other Australian business magazine has ever devoted as much space to the topic in a single issue.

Four Australian universities feature in this special edition of Forge, with articles emphasising Industry collaboration and the value of connectedness in the Australian marine sciences research community.

Articles in the special feature explore the capabilities and achievements of Australian universities and their research centres. Topics covered include recent developments in marine research infrastructure and how research can influence government policy and industry practice.

A number of specific research projects are highlighted. These demonstrate the breadth of marine research in Australia, drawing from a range of disciplines such as marine biotechnology, ecology and physical oceanography.

One of the articles in the magazine, titled “An ocean of economic possibility” looks at the National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025 and how it lays the foundation for a national approach to developing Australia’s blue economy by harnessing the enormous potential benefits of industry-science partnerships.

Speaking with National Marine Science Committee Chair, Mr Tim Moltmann, author David James examines how we must strike a balance between reaping the economic potential and safeguarding the oceans’ longer-term health.

The article talks about the need to understand the cumulative impact of a range of factors on natural systems and that it takes a combination of skills across a range of disciplines to address such complex issues.

The National Marine Science Plan is presented as a long-ranging, cohesive approach to developing Australia’s blue economy, underpinned by cooperation amongst different research organisations and industry bodies.

The Forge special feature on the blue economy boom provides several examples of partnerships successfully generating knowledge and products to inform decision making and in turn creating economic, social and environmental benefits for Australia.

Forge is available by subscription here: http://www.forgemag.com.au/