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Working groups

The NMSC furthers its work through working groups. They undertake deeper research and implement aspects of our science plans and strategies.

The followed working groups were created to further the recommendations of the National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025, and wider marine science needs:

  • National Marine Baselines and Monitoring (Recommendation 2)
  • National integrated approach to coastal experimentation (Recommendation 3)
  • Science program to support decision making (Recommendation 5)
  • Research training for Australia’s future blue economy (Recommendation 7)
  • Marine Biotechnology
  • UN Decade of Ocean Science

Establishing and supporting a national marine baselines and monitoring program (Rec 2)


The National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025 recommended a national approach to establishing marine baselines and monitoring.

This report presents the Working Group's audit of environmental, social and economic baseline data describing Australia's marine estate, capturing 371 marine baseline and monitoring programs. The Working Group identified two options for establishing a national approach to marine baselines and monitoring.

National integrated approach to coastal experimentation (Rec 3)

FrontCover_national coastal experimentation

The National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025 calls for coordinated national studies on marine system processes and resilience to enable understanding of development and climate change impacts on our marine estate.

This report presents the benefits of a national framework for an experimental understanding of our coastal ecosystems.

Implementing Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (IEAs) (Rec 5)


The National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025 recommended that a dedicated and coordinated science program to support decision-making by policymakers and the marine industry be developed.

The integrated ecosystem assessments (IEA) approach was recommended as the best tool to support decision making due to its system-wide perspective and ability to ecompass social, cultural and economic considerations.

The NMSC's IEA Working Group led a study to assess the use of IEAs in marine ecosystems, identifying existing examples and future opportunities to apply this approach.

Research training for Australia's future blue economy (Rec 7)

IMOS ATF field servicing_Fabrice Jaine (

The National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025  calls for a workforce of world-class marine scientists equipped with strong quantitative skills. It needs to be in tune with industry and government priorities, and working in cross-disciplinary teams.

In 2019, the NMSC's Research Training Working Group led a study to assess the capacity of Australia’s university postgraduate training to cultivate this essential workforce.

NMSC Chair and Deputy

Chair: Dr Patrick Hone, Managing Director, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Deputy Chair: Dr Lyndon Llewellyn, Research Manager of the Australian Institute of Marine Science

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