The National Marine
Science Plan 2015–2025

The National Marine Science Committee launched the National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025 on 11 August 2015 at Australian Parliament House.

The Plan draws together the knowledge and experience of Australia's marine research organisations, universities and government departments and more than 500 scientists.

The Plan outlines the science needed to provide the knowledge, technology and innovation cornerstones that will develop and grow a blue economy.

Our oceans have a very large number of stakeholders, particularly if we include all those Australians who expect their coasts and oceans to be healthy and productive.

The Plan is a call to action to the nation’s marine scientists.

But it is also a call to action for all those who will benefit from a strong marine science sector that is dedicated to working with governments, industries and communities to create a strong economy and vibrant society while protecting the things we all care about.

Used wisely, Australia’s ocean resources can generate increasing wealth, food and energy, and support sustainable living for generations.
National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025

The challenges

The Plan identifies seven critical challenges that Australia needs to overcome if we are to fulfil the potential of the blue economy and the yet-to-be-discovered possibilities of our ocean estate.

These challenges were drawn from Marine Nation 2025 and a series of white papers developed by working groups in the marine science community.

The recommendations

The Plan includes eight recommendations that will help build and share critical marine data, undertake multidisciplinary research and create essential technology, tools and innovations. These scientific outputs will drive economic development, environmental management and cultural stewardship of our marine estate for the next decade.

The marine science community, government and industry must undertake this coordinated, collaborative and dedicated national effort. And we must bring the wider community on board too.

NMSC Chair and Deputy

Chair: Dr Patrick Hone, Managing Director, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Deputy Chair: Dr Lyndon Llewellyn, Research Manager of the Australian Institute of Marine Science

NMSC secretariat

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