How marine science drives the blue economy

Marine science creates the data, knowledge, technology and innovation that drive the blue economy's development and growth. These blue-economy essentials help governments, industries and communities make informed decisions, plan, invest, build resilience, mitigate risk and be future ready.

The NMSC has created a decadal science plan that will guide the development of essential data, knowledge, tools and initiatives. These will help realise the blue economy's potential of $100 billion per annum by 2025.

The plan harnesses the multidisciplinary expertise of our community. It includes the National Marine Science Plan 2015-2025 and its review and update, the National Marine Science Plan 2015-2025: The Midway Point.

To learn more, listen to our recent spotlight on the value of marine science to the Australian economy.

How marine science drives blue economy

Towards 2025: a vision in blue

The marine science community will help Australia realise the triple-bottom-line benefits of our marine estate while protecting the values and natural assets we all hold so dearly. So, what will 2025 look like when the National Marine Science Plan is delivered?

Australia's marine science sovereign capability

Since 2015, Australia has been building its national marine science capability through a range of major plans, programs, reports, infrastructure and investments.

Australian marine science sovereign capability since 2015

NMSC Chair and Deputy

Chair: Dr Patrick Hone, Managing Director, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Deputy Chair: Dr Lyndon Llewellyn, Research Manager of the Australian Institute of Marine Science

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