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NMSC webinar on the value of marine industries and science

On 16 September, the National Marine Science Committee (NMSC) hosted a webinar on the value of marine industries and sciences to the Australian economy.

Around 50 marine stakeholders gathered to hear the following speakers and topics:

“The NMSC ran this webinar because three member organisations released new economic benefits analyses this year showing the important role our marine science plays in the broader economy,” said Kim Picard, NMSC Deputy Chair and Chair of AusSeabed Steering Committee, Geoscience Australia.

“This is in line with NMSC’s recommendation that the marine science community focus more on the blue economy.”

Increased blue economy focus is one of 11 recommendations the NMSC has made via the National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025, released in 2015, and our recently launched update, National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025: The Midway Point.

The reports are part of a strategy to develop Australia’s blue economy and realise its economic, environmental and social potential.

The NMSC intends to run more webinars on topics of interest in the future.