• Implementing the Plan

Achieving the vision set out in the National Marine Science Plan will require concerted and coordinated effort across the national community, sustained through time. It is likely to require the formation of working groups, development of roadmaps, and other activities focused on implementation. Information relating to priority activities is as follows;

National Marine Science Plan Recommendations

  • Fund national research vessels for full use. >Meetings & updates
  • Sustain and expand the Integrated Marine Observing System to support critical climate change and coastal systems research, including coverage of key estuarine systems. >Meetings & updates
  • Develop marine science research training that is more quantitative, cross-disciplinary and congruent with the needs of industry and government. >Meetings & updates
  • Establish and support a National Marine Baselines and Long-term Monitoring Program, to develop a comprehensive assessment of our estate, and to help manage Commonwealth and State Marine Reserves. >Meetings & updates
  • Facilitate coordinated national studies on marine system processes and resilience to enable understanding of development and climate change impacts on our marine estate. >Meetings & updates
  • Creating a national ocean modelling system to supply defence, industry and government with accurate, detailed knowledge and predictions of ocean state. >Meetings & updates
  • Develop a dedicated and coordinated science program to support decision-making by policymakers and marine industry. Meetings & updates
  • Create an explicit focus on the blue economy throughout the marine science system. >Meetings & updates

Other National Marine Science Committee priorities

Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN)

Realising the vision of the AODN as an interoperable online network of marine and climate data resources for Australia, the NMSC agreed to provide oversight of the AODN, with the AODN Technical Advisory Group (TAG) becoming the marine data sub-committee of the NMSC.

Status reports will be provided to NMSC meetings, reporting progress against the AODN Implementation Plan.

National Marine Technology Roadmap

When developing the Plan, technology development was a common theme in many white papers. A repeated view was that Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world in the area of marine technology development. Lyndon Llewellyn (AIMS) is leading a working group to develop a National Marine Technology Roadmap in response.