Journal publishes commentary by the National Marine Science Committee

The Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs has published an article submitted by the NMSC, ‘The National Marine Science Plan: informing Australia’s future ocean policy.’

The article, in the June 2016 edition, outlines the background to the development of the National Marine Science Plan 2015-2025 and discusses the significance of the blue economy to Australia’s future well-being and prosperity.

The National Marine Science Plan (The Plan) was developed following the release of the 2013 position paper Marine Nation 2025: Marine Science to Support Australia’s Blue Economy (Oceans Policy Science Advisory Group 2013). Marine Nation 2025 recommended the creation of a decadal plan to focus investment on the biggest development and sustainability challenges facing Australia’s marine estate, and the highest priority science needed to tackle these challenges to fulfil our blue economy’s potential.

The Plan’s eight high-level recommendations for Australia’s coordination of efforts and investments are listed in the article.

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The National Marine Science Plan: informing Australia’s future ocean policy

Gillian Treloar, John Gunn, Tim Moltmann, Sabine Dittmann, Rick Fletcher, Patrick Hone, Kenneth Lee, Louise Minty, Stuart Minchin, Andreas Schiller, Peter Steinberg, Jane Lyons, Alexander Babanin, Peter Doherty, Matthew England, Clinton Foster, Emma Johnston, Andy Steven, Lyndon Llewellyn, Jamie Oliver, Alex Sen Gupta, Bernadette Sloyan, David Smith, Tony Smith, Terry Walshe, National Marine Science Committee

Australian Journal of Maritime & Ocean Affairs