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Welcome to the last national marine science community update for 2016.

The National Marine Science Committee (NMSC) met by teleconference on 1 December and our meeting report is now available.  We welcomed the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries as the newest member of NMSC.  It is encouraging to see NMSC membership growing to include the interests of State and Territory Governments. We also approved revised terms of reference which better reflect NMSC’s current mode of operation.
This was a two-hour teleconference aimed at reviewing progress on major priorities as at the end of 2016.

A major topic of discussion was to have been the Draft 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, but this was not released until the following week (5 December).  Submissions in response to the Draft Roadmap are due by 16 January 2017, and this will be a focus for NMSC in the coming weeks.  However, based on a preliminary review of the Draft Roadmap, the ‘punchline’ is positive for marine science and our key messages appear to have been heard.  See the NMSC meeting report for further detail.

Solid progress is also being made against other priorities, and fuller updates will be provided in the new year.

In other news, CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology released the 2016 State of the Climate report on 1 November 2016.  It noted that the oceans surrounding Australia have warmed, with the greatest surface warming to the west and south of the continent.  We await release of the 2016 State of the Environment Report (Marine Chapter) in the new year.


Tim Moltmann, Chair
on behalf of the National Marine Science Committee