• National Marine Science Symposium

The Symposium focused on eight thematic areas, each addressing a grand challenge for Australia over the next decade (sovereignty, security and natural hazards; energy security; food security; biodiversity conservation and ecosystem health; dealing with climate change; optimal resource allocation; urban coastal environments; and infrastructure).

The Symposium, held at the Australian Academy of Science in Canberra, was attended by scientists, industry and government leaders.

Theme outcomes were drawn together to inform the development of a National Marine Science Plan – a decadal plan prioritising marine science investment for Australia.

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Symposium presentations


ThemePresentations (PDF files)
Sovereignty, security, hazards

  Andreas Schiller and Alexander Babanin

Energy security

  Clinton Foster and Jamie Oliver - I

  Clinton Foster and Jamie Oliver - II

Food security  Patrick Hone and David Smith
Biodiversity  Sabine Dittmann and Peter Doherty
Climate change  Bernadette Sloyan, Alex Sen Gupta and Matthew England
Optimal Resource allocation  Tony Smith and Terry Walshe
Urban Coastal  Andy Steven and Emma Johnston
Infrastructure  Tim Moltmann, Lyndon Llewellyn, Neville Exon and Ian Turner