• About us

Who we are

The National Marine Science Committee (NMSC) is an advisory body focused on promoting the nexus between high quality marine science and growth of Australia’s blue economy. NMSC provides a distinctive mechanism for co-ordination and information sharing between research institutions, universities, Australian Government departments, State/Territory Governments and the broader Australian marine science community. It is the means by which this highly interdisciplinary, geographically dispersed community comes together to provide scientifically-robust, user-relevant advice on marine issues of national significance to Australia.

The NMSC launched the National Marine Science Plan (2015-25) on 11 August 2015 at Australian Parliament House. This Plan was developed in response to the 2013 position paper ‘Marine Nation 2025: Marine Science to Support Australia’s Blue Economy’.

The NMSC was formerly known as the Oceans Policy Science Advisory Group (OPSAG). OPSAG was established in 1998 under Australia’s Oceans Policy. Our approach to national coordination of marine science is very mature.

Our goal

The NMSC aims to ensure that marine science helps to address the ‘grand challenges’ that face Australia as a marine nation. This will be achieved through cutting-edge research integrating social and economic factors, and done at the time and space scales required by stakeholders in industry, government and society.

Our structure and meetings

The structure of the NMSC and its meeting protocols are defined in the Terms of Reference (PDF 157 KB).

The NMSC consists of representatives from all member organisations.

The NMSC is currently (2016-18) chaired by Tim Moltmann, Director of the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) based at the University of Tasmania.

The immediate past chair (2011–15) is John Gunn, CEO of the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) based in Townsville, Queensland.

Meeting minutes, papers and member reports are available in the Activities and News section.